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File:Leno4.jpg|thumb|right|Dan Leno '''George Wild Galvin''' (20 December 1860 – 31 October 1904), better known by the stage name '''Dan Leno''', was a leading English music hall comedian and musical theatre actor during the late Victorian era. He was best known, aside from his music hall act, for his pantomime dame|dame roles in the annual pantomimes that were popular at London's Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, from 1888 to 1904. Leno was born in St Pancras, London|St Pancras, London, and began to entertain as a child. In 1864, he joined his parents on stage in their music hall act, and he made his first solo appearance, aged nine, at the Britannia Music Hall in Coventry. As a youth, he was famous for his clog dancing, and in his teen years, he became the star of his family's act. He adopted the stage name Dan Leno and, in 1884, made his first performance under that name in London. As a solo artist, he became...
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